Weight Loss Medications

Weight Loss Medications or medications used for weight loss (Saxenda, Wegovy, Mounjaro for example) are expensive and are either not covered by insurance companies at all or require a prior authorization to obtain payment through insurance.  Even if approved, these medications are typically in one of the highest tiers of medications and often require a copay of $200-$300 per month or more.

Please note that if a prior authorization is required to have one of these medications covered, insurance typically requires documentation from us that you have tried and failed other weight loss methods (structured diet plans, online calorie tracking, purposeful exercise, etc). Without this documentation, insurance companies most often will not cover these medications.

If you would like us to consider prescribing one of the medication for weight loss, please contact your insurance to see if they do include one of the medications on your formulary.   Please be prepared to provide this information at your next visit.  At this visit, we will need to document your recent weight loss efforts etc.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for a prior authorization to be submitted to and reviewed by your insurance company.  We always send office notes with the initial prior authorization submission.  Therefore, if denied, we do not complete appeals as we have already provided all the information we have to your insurance company.